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When opportunity explodes on your doorstep, embark on a quest to safeguard space routes around the galaxy by clearing the deadly debris surrounding them.

Evolve your ship to neutralize increasingly dangerous debris fields, in all the traveled solar systems, and watch your reputation grow across the galaxy as you vaporize space stuff into hydrogen plasma. All this. In. Outer space. 23rd century really rocks your boat.
Good thing that old ship of yours has a creaky reactor core.



* Push your reflexes ever harder in a variety of solar systems, outer space is not a sluggish place.
* Upgrade your ship using salvaged materials, and with various tech scattered around the galaxy.

There’s a piece of our universe that we’d like to share with you

Posted on 22 March, 2016  in News

We’ve made the soundtrack of the game available for download for free on its creator’s website. Check it out at the link below.

Forsakethis Music

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